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from 25.01.2019 evening (Friday) to 28.01.2019 morning (Monday)

All concerned are requested to schedule their e-procurement activity accordingly.
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Tender No Tender Ref. No. Tender Description Last Date of Bid Submission
110858 SPO134 Purchase of plastic mulch laying machine, ratoon manager/sugarcane stub remover, trenchSugarcane planter,etc for deptt FMPE   More... 26-01-2019
110852 SPO133 Purchase of equipments for smart class room under IDP Project   More... 26-01-2019
110848 SPO132 Purchase of High throughput On-chip Electrophoresis for deptt MBBB   More... 26-01-2019
110733 SPO131 Purchase of Microvolume/ Nanadrop spectrophotometer under IDP Project   More... 26-01-2019
110726 SPO130 Purchase of Real Time PCR under IDP Project, Dean COA   More... 26-01-2019
110124 SPO129 Purchase of paddy straw based Dry Biogas Digester for deptt PFE   More... 26-01-2019
110116 SPO128 Purchase of Biogas Up-gradation Unit/ Biogas Purifucation System for Department of PFE.   More... 26-01-2019
109359 SPO127 Supply, Installation, Commissioning and maintenance of landscaping, water bodies, water management, tree house, cafeteira, gazebo, ligh   More... 22-01-2019
106472 SPO119 Purchase of tractor mounted boom sprayer for KVK Sadalpur   More... 26-01-2019
106051 SPO113 Purchase of Ion Chromatograph for CNBT Lab   More... 26-01-2019
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